Vereniging Beurs voor den Diamanthandel
Amsterdam - Anno 1890 - The oldest diamond-exchange in the world
Established 1890

The website of the Association Dutch Diamond Exchange, the oldest diamondexchange of the world, representing the diamond trade in the Netherlands, with information for both consumers as well as the members of the association.
The association also co-initiated the establishment of the World Federation of  Diamondbourses, the WFDB or WorldFed, the global organisation of all diamondbourses in the world.
As early as 1907 the diamond-trade felt it neccesary to unite in the IFDB, the International Federation of Diamond Bourses. The end of Worldwar II saw important changes in the international diamond-trade with subsequent shifting of diamond-centers, resulting in the establishment of the World Federation in 1947.
The World Federation now has 29 active member-bourses in countries all over the world uniting over 25.000 seperate members.
WorldFed upholds integrity, tradition and accountability  in the world of diamonds since 1947...!  
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Member of the World Federation Of Diamond Bourses
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Almost 129 years of responsible diamondtrade
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